Landmark Missionary ​Baptist Church​​

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A place to come, learn and grow. Feel the love of Christ pour over you as you fellowship with the Family of God​. We have services and events for all ages.

Solid biblical doctrine and traditional teaching. Bible studies and small groups fellowships.
Pastor Darren and Wife Jennifer Ridings

Pastor Darren, wife Jennifer, daughter Ashleigh and husband Jacob Davis (joined the family in late 2017) and son Timothy Ridings, have been with Landmark since December 2012 and have a shared ministry vision of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Kern River Valley.

Pastor Darren and Jennifer have been married since May 1996.

Although this is his first church, pastor is no stranger to the ministry. Born into a Baptist pastor's home, Darren has been in and around ministry his whole life.

Pastor has ministered for a total of 10 years traveling as a semi-pro southern gospel singer with the Ridings Brothers, Southern Journeymen Quartet and most notably, the Golden State Quartet before joining with his children and wife ministering in music and word.
Pastor Darren has also ministered as a Sunday School teacher and Director of Music Ministries

Jennifer has ministered for over 12 years as a private Christian School Teacher in Lancaster, CA. She has also worked as a children's Sunday School and VBS teacher. Jennifer is currently the Children's Ministry Director at Landmark.

Pastor and wife are also our current youth leaders, working and training their son-in-law and daughter to take over soon.

Deacon Hurley and Wife Lois Holcombe

Bro. Hurley has been in the ministry since the 1960's, pastoring up until 2003 when he retired from the pastoral ministry and moved to Lake Isabella. Bro. Hurley has been surving as deacon at Landmark with his lovely wife, Lois, since 2003.
Tiomthy Ridings - Director of Worship Ministries

Timothy has been in and around ministry with his family for a number of years. He got started in music from an early age, teaching himself to play the piano and drums.

Timothy felt the call into the ministry very young and has been preaching and leading worship since he was 9 years old.

Timothy is currently enrolled in college and plans on going into the pastoral ministry after graduation.