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A place to come, learn and grow. Feel the love of Christ pour over you as you fellowship with the Family of God​. We have services and events for all ages.

Solid biblical doctrine and traditional teaching. Bible studies and small groups fellowships.
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Daily Word

Exodus 15:3 The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name. KJV

Father God, Yahweh, our loving Abba; He is a warrior. God fights for his children. God fought eleven separate battles against Pharaoh and the god's of Egypt for the freedom of His people. Oh, He could have wiped out Egypt with just a thought, but then no one would have learned the lesson that needed to be taught; "that they would know that, I and God." In fact, as it was, His very own children had a hard time following even after all that they had seen.
So, what did they see? Each of the ten plagues. Each plague was an attack on an Egyptian god. This was more important that most of us realize. You see, after spending more than 400 years in Egypt, many of the children of Israel had no doubt began serving the false gods of the land. God had to teach both Israel and Egypt who the real God over all truly was. But, ten battles just wasn't quite enough. Both the Egyptians and the Israelites needed to see God; face down and destroy the most powerful military might of the day. And indeed He did. After the Jews safely crossed the Red Sea and the Egyptian army destroyed, God's children sang a song of praise. "The Lord is a warrior, the LORD is His name.
The battle didn't stop there. All throughout history we see God fighting for the physical and spiritual lives of His children. Then one day, a final and decisive battle was fought for all mankind. On a cross, on a hill, one man stood for all mankind. That man; Jesus the Christ, the son of God who came to take away the sins of the world.
When you feel that you are embroiled in a hopeless battle, remember that the victory has already been won through Jesus Christ our Lord. The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is His name.

Sermon and Lesson Topics

Though always seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Darren uses topic series to teach through. Sunday mornings are traditional hard hitting sermons, but on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, pastor prefers the open Bible Study format in order to include everyone's thoughts and questions, thus making it a more personal learning experience. We have Sunday School Classes for all ages. The younger groups use colorful handouts and teaching aids to be able to better grasp the lesson. In our adult class, we learn the deep mystories of the Bible and even engage in lively discussions and Q&A.
Sunday Morning Worship

The month of July is a reminder as to why we as Americans hold our freedom and liberty so close. For the entire month we will be looking at our Freedom in Christ.

Independence Day
Freedom to Serve
Freedom to Preach
Freedom to Sing
Freedom to Celebrate

Come join us as we celebrate our Freedom in Christ from the bondage and tyrrany of sin.

Sunday Evening Bible Study

Our Sunday night focus right now is on the Pauline Epistles. We are slowly going through the letters written by Paul to the churches abroad and how they apply to us in the modern church and as individual Christians.

Visit the Service and Events page for service times and special events
Wednesday Evening Bible Study

We are back to our studies of the minor Epistles on wednesday Evenings. Currently we are taking an indepth look at Jude. Come join us on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
Meet Our Pastor
Pastor Darren, wife Jennifer, daughter Ashleigh and husband Jacob Davis (joined the family in late 2017) and son Timothy Ridings, have been with Landmark since December 2012 and have a shared ministry vision of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Kern River Valley.

Pastor Darren and Jennifer have been married since May 1996.