Landmark Missionary
​Baptist Church​​

A place to come, learn and grow. Feel the love of Christ pour over you as you fellowship with the Family of God​. We have services and events for all ages.

Solid biblical doctrine and traditional teaching. Bible studies and small groups fellowships.


The Rock, is our Saturday night youth night for teens, where we meet for life skills training and age appropriate Bible related lessons.

Our First event will be a movie night for the whole family on March 17. Be here at 6:00 PM with parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters and whoever else you can bring. There will be popcorn and drinks and a great movie to enjoyed by the whole family! 


What We Do

Who Can Come

Saturday Night Youth. The Rock was so named, because our purpose is to give teens a firm foundation of faith and skills in life.

We meet on the First and Third Saturday nights of each month.
We meet at 6:00 the First and Third Saturday Nights at the church or in the pastor's home. Some times that will change for special events.

We teach lifeskills, based on Biblical principles and needs for the reagion we live in.

We will have occasional movie nights, campouts, bowling trips and hiking excursions.

​Everything we do will based on solid Bible teaching geared to point teens in the right direction to start there adult lives.
The Rock is designed for teens and pre's from ages 11-18. 

​We will have the occasional special event which will include the whole family; Mom, dad and even that annoying little brother or sister.