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​Baptist Church​​

A place to come, learn and grow. Feel the love of Christ pour over you as you fellowship with the Family of God​. We have services and events for all ages.

Solid biblical doctrine and traditional teaching. Bible studies and small groups fellowships.
​Pregnancy Resource Ceneter Benefit Concert
August 26, 2017 6:00 PM
The Jordan River Boys
The Ridings Family

free admission ~ love offering will be received to benefit the PRC


Daily Word

 (From Jesus on the Scout Trail by Walter Dudley Cavert
A 12 week, daily walk through the character traits of the scouts Oath~an oath that we should all strive to live by)

"A Scout is Loyal"
Loyal to all to whom loyalty is due; family, friends, community and God.


Faithful Unto Death
(Luke 22:39-54)

Luke 22:42 "Father, if You are willing, take this cup away from Me—
nevertheless, not My will, but Yours, be done." HCSB

When the city of Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79, a Roman soldier died at his post by the gate, although he might have escaped if he had been willing to leave his place of duty. Others ran for safety, but the soldier remained at his station. Seventeen centuries later, some workmen cleared away the ruins and found his body.

Even greater than the faithfulness of the soldier was the loyalty of Jesus in going to the cross. For the soldier was under orders from his captain, while Jesus was entirely free to make His own choice. He knew Judas was leading men to arrest Him, and He may have fled into the darkness. He could have returned to safety among His friends in Galilee, be He refused to run away from what He decided was God's plan for His life.

How about you? Do you ever run away from anything to which a person of loyalty ought to be faithful?


Sermon and Lesson Topics

Though always seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Darren uses topic series to teach through. Sunday mornings are traditional hard hitting sermons, but on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, pastor prefers the open Bible Study format in order to include everyone's thoughts and questions, thus making it a more personal learning experience.
Sunday Morning Worship

The end of August will end our study through the book of Judges. September is our missions focus month, through the month of September we will be looking at the biblical approach to mission work. September 17, Brother Matthew Hurd will be joining us to share his experiences during his month in Texas as a missionary helper and share his vision of God's will in his life and ministry.
Sunday Evening Bible Study

Begining August 20, our Sunday evening focus on the book of Psalms will shift focus to Messianic Prophecies throughout the book of Psalms, a 17 week long study by I Gordon of The end of the 17 weeks will take is right up to our Christmas Celebration Sunday on December 24, 2017

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Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Minor Epistles, Major Teachings;
The letters from the Apostle Peter and John the Beloved Disciple along with James and Jude may be titled "Minor Epistles", but there is nothing minor about the teachings to and about early church contained within. As the modern churches move through time further, drawing ever closer to the coming of Christ, we need to be ever more encouraged and reminded of the doctrines on which this great and holy institution was built.
Meet the Pastor and his family
Pastor Darren, wife Jennifer, and children Ashleigh and Timothy Ridings, have been with Landmark since December 2012 and have a shared ministry vision of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Kern River Valley.

Pastor Darren and Jennifer have been married since May 1996.

Although this is his first church, pastor is no stranger to the ministry. Born into a Baptist pastor's home, Darren has been in and around ministry his whole life.

Pastor ministered for a total of 10 years traveling as a semi-pro southern gospel singer with the Ridings Brothers, Southern Journeymen Quartet and most notably, the Golden State Quartet before joining with his children and wife mnistering in music and word. Pastor has also ministered as a Sunday School teacher and Director of Music Ministries

Jennifer has ministered for over 12 years as a private Christian School Teacher in Lancaster, CA. She has also worked as a children's Sunday School and VBS teacher. Jennifer is currently the Children's Ministry Director at Landmark.

Son, Timothy, wears many hats at Landmark from grounds keeper and custodian to sound tech and Music Director.

Daughter, Ashleigh, works in the children's ministry with her mother as the Children's Ministry Leader on Sunday mornings.